Factors Affecting The Development Of The Sharing Economy Model In Delivery Activities In Vietnam During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Le Hai Ha , Nguyen Bich Thuy


The sharing economy is a new economic model developed during the Industrial Revolution 4.0. With the vigorous development of information technology, providing products and services to consumers has surpassed the limit of both time distance and geographical space. It is increasingly meeting the needs of consumers and minimizing operating costs. However, the practical application of this new economic model is not simple and causes controversy in many countries worldwide, including Vietnam. Sharing economy is a term that has been discussed a lot on e-commerce forums in Vietnam recently. This is a new business model capable of bringing super profits and expected benefits to society in the digital economy. However, the practical application of this economic model is not easy, even causing unfair competition between traditional business enterprises and enterprises operating under the sharing economy model. Therefore, this article discusses some sharing economy issues, such as the theoretical basis and factors affecting the development of the sharing economy model in delivery activities in Vietnam during the COVID-19 period.

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