Taking Advantage Of Training Method By Credit Syetem To Develop Professional Skills And Soft Skills For Students At University

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Dinh Phuoc Tuong , Bui Van Hung , Nguyen Thai Binh , Nguyen Thanh Hung


Training under the credit system at universities currently has many advantages and favorable conditions for lecturers and students to integrate to both learn knowledge and practice necessary skills for the job after students graduate. On the basis of theoretical research and overview of the current situation of soft skills needed for students in training programs at universities today, the research has proposed solutions to develop professional skills and professional skills  software for university students in terms of training under the credit system, including topics on output standards, conditions to ensure skills development for students in training under the credit system such as advanced effectiveness of academic advising for students, building flexible training programs for students to have more choices, innovating teaching methods of lecturers in accordance with credit training methods, facilities to serve students.  teaching and learning services under the credit system.

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