Management Differences Caused By Different Cultural Backgrounds Of China And Hungary In Multinational Enterprises

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Ildikó Rudnák ,Zhang Jieqian


With the rapid development of the global economy, international exchanges and cooperation have become increasingly close, which has promoted many companies in various countries to conduct transnational operations. Facing the new form of world economic integration, many Chinese companies are quietly going abroad and actively participating in international competition in order to seek broader development space. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Hungary, Hungary has always been China's comprehensive development strategic partner. However, Chinese companies will encounter many problems in their operations in Hungary. Among them, many problems brought about by changes in the multinational operating environment are the main problems for multinational companies in their multinational operations. In different countries, people live in their unique environments, forming some unique characteristics and cultures. Therefore, when a company conducts multinational operations, it needs to face the differences between different national cultures, corporate cultures, and employees of different cultures. In various social activities, it has become a must for managers to communicate and negotiate with local people and departments. One of the most important issues to think carefully and solve.

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