The Influence Of Parents On Gifted Handicapped Children Teaching English Language Skills

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Dr: Tamer Tawfik Saudi , Dr: Rasha Basuni Attia


Some gifted handicapped children face burden, distraction, disruptions, tardiness, or risk factors, preventing them from reaching their full potential without special treatment or intervention. The purpose of this par was to discover the impact of parental involvement on the learning motivation and achievement of gifted handicapped children. This study used a regressive model. The population consisted of gifted youngsters with various disabilities. The test results indicated that there is an impact of parents involvement in talent handicapped children. Based on the findings, it can be recommended that parents be more strenuous in assisting, accompanying, and guiding their children, particularly gifted children with special needs, in order to improve their inspiration and educational success. It is also suggested that instructors and institutions accommodate their students' needs and prospects..

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