Z-A Approach To Enhance Pedagogical Content Knowledge Of Integrated B.Ed. Student-Teachers

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Everything in nature is prone to change in some way. Education is no different. In the realm of education, new teaching techniques are put to the test in order to get a good outcome. In this article, the researcher takes a novel technique to explain the wonders of physical science. The present research aim is to determine the influence of Z-A on student-teachers pedagogical topic understanding. A total of 53 student-teachers from the Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed. programme was included in the study. This research used a pre-test and post-test comparable group design. The test was used to analyse the data. The findings of the present research show that implementing the Z-A Approach technique might significantly improve student-teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge. The typical teaching style did not affect the level of PCK among student-teachers. When pre-achievement was regarded as a covariate, the Z-A Approach technique might dramatically improve student-teachers PCK compared to the standard way. The old teaching style could not claim to have improved student-teachers pedagogical topic understanding. The quality of education is determined by the quality of instructors who have an effect on it.

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