Marlowe Vs. Tolstoy: The Workings Of Greed On Man: With Susann Basinet Comparative Lens

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Naseem Ullah , Muhammad Bilal , Dr. Sajjad Ahmad , Sumara Mehmood


The study explores the effects of greed on human mind through a comparative study of the works of Christopher Marlow and Leo Tolstoy, the greatest writers of their ages. The study mainly focuses on Dr. Faustus by Marlow and How much Land does a Man need by Tolstoy to prove the research questions.  The study belongs to comparative literature and is qualitative in nature. The framework for the study is Susann Basinet comparative analysis. The study is significantly significant for the readers to know about the workings of greed on man and to avoid its consequences in their real life. By reading this article the reader will become conscious the various workings of greed in man’s life and so will abstain from it. The findings of the study show the worst effect of greed on the two protagonists and its dire consequences for their later life. The conclusion sums up various reasons, causes and effects of greed on human life.

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