Analytical Study Of The Feminine Element Of Sufism In Light Of Annemarie Schimmel’s “Mystic Dimensions Of Islam”

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Dr. Humaira Khalil , Dr. Ammara Rehman , Dr. Muhammad Yaseen (Corresponding Author) , Dr. Muhammad Husnain , Dr. Faiza Anjum , Dr. Muhammad Saeed Sheikh , Dr.Muhammad Shafiq Anjum


Annemarie Schimmel talks about the much-needed aspect of Islamic Mysticism. Over the course of the history of Sufism, there has been a general concept that Sufism associates with Men. But if you dig deep into the phenomenal course of Islamic Mysticism, you can easily conclude that the true essence of Sufism evolves around the very nature of a Woman. Starting from the very first true recognizer of Sufism, the beloved Rabi’a Basri, who gave the ideology that the true love of Allah Almighty does not and should not come with the concept of fear of Hell and Love for Paradise. After Rabi’a comes to the Fatima of Nishapur and Sha’wana of Persia who wept so much in the love of Allah that she turned blind but spread the light of Faith all over the world. These great examples of Women in Sufism lead to the evidence that the nature of a woman fits perfect to the requirements of Sufism. Women are born with such enormous amount of Patience and observing powers that fulfil all the principles of true Sufism. Sufism gives the concept that bonds with family nourish one’s connection with Almighty Allah. Times are changing and we all need to stand together in order to understand the Divine nature of Mysticism and dig deep into the roots of the true love of Allah Almighty. Whether we are male or female, the duty of keeping our hearts and souls pure remains intact. With each passing moment of self-cleansing, there is going to be a time when there’s no Loved or Beloved but only Unity.

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