Adherence To Short Term Intervention Of Healthy Lifestyle And Factors Associated To Overweight And Obesity

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Bhawana Sharma , Prof. (Dr.) Mukta Agrawal , Priyanka Nagar


Adherence is the key to get the desired outcome of a healthy lifestyle intervention programme. Adherence to diet and exercise is affected by various factors. The study aimed to assess adherence and reasons for non-adherence to short-term lifestyle intervention among overweight and obese subjects from the Agrawal community. The study sample constituted 90 overweight and obese Agrawal adults, having an equal number of men and women aged 25-60 years. A package of strategy was developed including one hour physical activity and correction in dietary habits. All the study participants were enrolled for life style modification which includes one hour of supervised physical activity, dietary counseling every week and behavioral change. A tool was constructed for evaluating adherence to the lifestyle modification. Results revealed that adherence to exercise and diet was improved after 3 months intervention programme except consumption of figs, walnut, and fenugreek seeds which did not increased. Busy schedule was the key reason for non-adherence to the exercise regimen. Forced eating out, unavailability of healthy food and granting self-permission were the primary reasons for dietary non-adherence. Friend's support was the primary reason for adherence to healthy lifestyle.

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