A Depiction Of Community Services In Saudi Arabia Through The Point Of View Of The Citizens

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Hamad A. Alreshidi , Kawther A. Al-Dhlan , ZahidaParaveen , Saleh Abdullah M Alkhabra


The social services system in Saudi Arabia attempts to provide everyone with a respectable level of living. The social stability of the Kingdom is supported by this dedication to the welfare of the people, which is consistent with Islamic teachings. In the contemporary post-modern world, economic and military might has overshadowed the cultural heritage. The Arabian Gulf countries fall in this category which is in possession of vast oil reserves and strong national defence and among the Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, which is “It is simple to overlook the fact that the nation also has a very strong cultural fabric that links its society because it is so well recognised for its oil deposits and military might. It has a lengthy literary, theatrical, and dancing history. Unfortunately, in modern times, discussion about Saudi Arabia is still mostly focused on its economics, with little attention paid to the cultural facets of its culture. The main purpose of the investigation is to analyse the community services and social responsibility of citizen’s in Saudi Arabia.

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