Call For The Nutritional Requirements For The Cognitive Development Of The Younger Children During And After The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Review For Parents

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Gunjan Khera , Ratna Chandrika Yelisetty , Gavin Malcolm Spence , and Ayesha Mohammad Ibrahim Alsuwaidi


The present review highlights the importance of nutrition and cognitive development in younger children (preschoolers; 2-5 years) during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the onset of the pandemic studies has reported the importance of nutrition particularly during the pandemic and on the other hand studies have also discussed the role of cognitive development during a pandemic. This is the first article which combines the importance of nutrition in relevance to the pandemic and the cognitive development of younger children. The explanation proposed in the manuscript presents an important guideline for parents to raise their children during and after the onset of the pandemic. Further, the manuscript provides an explanation of various types of nutritional importance for the cognitive development of children and recommends food sources high in vitamins and micronutrients. The manuscript also recommends the daily dosage requirements and symptoms of delayed development in children due to the pandemic.

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