An Approach To Studying The Needs Of Enterprises To Support Cooperative Education Management Of Autonomous Universities

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Dr. Kunlasap Thongprasit


The objectives of this research were to study the key elements that support cooperative education in autonomous universities, and to provide directions and proposed policies to promote cooperative education in establishments that participate in the cooperative education program of autonomous universities. The research comprised 357 establishments participating in the cooperative education program that accept King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok students to commence work in the 2021 academic year, which were acquired by purposive sampling). The research instrument was a 5-level rating scale questionnaire based on the Likert method and relative model fit index by confirmatory factor analysis.

The results reveal that the structural equation modeling of analyzing the second-order confirmatory factor analysis of the approach for studying the needs of the enterprises to support the cooperative education management of autonomous universities was composed of 4 main components. There were 6 sub-elements of management. Knowledge had 5 sub-elements, skills had 6 sub-elements, and attributes had 7 sub-elements, which were consistent with the data (c2 = 272.012, df = 248, p = 0.141, c2/df = 1.097, GFI = 0.937, RMSEA = 0.017, AGFI = 0.923).

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