Visit Visa Abuse by Foreigners

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Luh Putu Sudini , Desak Gde Dwi Arini


The foreigners arrival to Indonesia is not merely about visiting, but some also come with a state purpose or a business visit, in tourism science the term “Bussines Tourisme” is known. For instance, the foreigners arrival to Indonesia is primarily for purposes of business, but tourist visits are used during the remaining time, these days these events are increasing. Based on this, the following problems are formulated: 1) what are the abuse forms of visit visas by foreigners? and 2) what are the legal sanctions for misuse of visit visas by foreigners?. The results of the study, the abuse forms of foreigner visit visas were identified, namely carrying out activities that were not in accordance with the purpose of issuing the visa, for example, a foreigner's visit visa was used to work in the area of Bali, an elderly visa was used to work and live in Indonesia beyond the period of validity of the visa so that it was categorized as over stay. Legal sanctions for misuse of Visit Visas for foreigners are subject to sanctions of administrative (forcible expulsion from Indonesian territory) or sanctions of criminal (imprisonment).

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