Secondary School Students' Perceptions Toward Physical Education In Central Fiji

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Mohammed Feroz Ali (Corresponding Author) , Mumtaz Alam , Nazim Ali , Joeli Dakuidreketi


Physical Education is a type of learning that focuses on physical exercises that result in weariness. The purpose of this study is to look at secondary school students' perceptions on physical education in Central/Eastern schools, in Fiji. Quantitative descriptive research was conducted utilizing a survey approach. The research sample population included 348 students, 203 of whom were females and 145 of whom were males. SPSS was used to do statistical studies on the data. The study's findings indicated that male students had a more positive impression on the components of Physical Education than female students. There was a significant difference in athletes and non-nonathletes in all the components of student’s perception towards physical education. When comparing different ethnic groups using ANOVA the Fijian of Indian descent, iTaukei and other race there was a significant difference in the perception of the students when comparing the component, the Importance of PE. All other components did not differ significantly.

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