The Transformation Of Higher Education And New Concerns Regarding Online Courses During Pandemic: A Strategic Approach

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Dr. M M Bagali , Hayaa Alhazani , Dr. Mohamed Eseleni , Dr Sagar G , Mrs. Brunda S , Mr.Shreesha R


In the middle of a crisis, society must undergo a transformation, no matter how unsettling and challenging it is. Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic is quickly and drastically affected how people live, work, and interact be it in the community or the society. This paper focuses on education to demonstrate how institutions of higher education are undergoing significant transformations as a result of the urgent requirement to digitise their training and education process with several of the professors who lack innate technological skills for online instruction and several who had the skills. In order to remain competitive and provide high-quality education in the face of rapid digital transformation, disruptive technology breakthroughs, and rapid change, the university and higher education institutes system must strive to overcome this obstacle. This paper discusses some of the obstacles and challenges universities face in achieving these objectives, as well as the technical tools and strategies they have employed to restructure higher education in response to Covid-19. The discussion and conclusion summarise significant concepts that can be implemented to enhance the digitisation of education. On the macro level, the coming era would be Online offerings and the need to catch the waves of changes.

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