Results On Primary Seeding And New Varieties Of Cereal Crops Intended For Cultivation In Arrigous Lands

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Mamatkulov Tursunkul , Karshiboev Hasan Kholbazarovich , Joraev Mamatkul Abdurakhmanovich , Gaybullaev Saidalim , Usarov Zakhid Igamovich , Khaidarov Bekmurod Dusiyarovich


In the article, 1,000 of each variety were selected for the first year to study the generations in a trial nursery in order to organize the primary seeding of the new varieties of grain crops intended for planting in dry lands, including barley "Adir", durum wheat "Yakut-2014", and soft wheat "Istiqlol-6" on a scientific basis. As a result of researching the spikes characteristic of the variety, 617 generations of barley "Adir", 500 of durum wheat "Yakut-2014" and 500 of soft wheat "Istiqlol-6" were selected.

In the second year, 500 offspring of each variety were planted separately on plots of 5 m2 in the nursery of the second year, and as a result of the primary seeding, 102 kg of "Adir" barley, 240 kg of hard wheat "Yakut-2014", 240 kg of soft wheat "Istiqlol-6" were produced. 465 kg of seed grain was collected.

"Adir" barley variety in the first year breeding field

1050 kg, 750 kg of hard wheat variety "Yakut-2014", 2660 kg of soft wheat variety "Istiqlol-6", 2660 kg of high-generation seed grain, as well as information on the results of research on planting time, planting rate, maintenance of these varieties on dry land.

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