Contemporary Global Security Strategies And The Manifestations Of Major Powers: Hedging Strategy As A Model

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Dr. Ali Hussien Hameed , Hamza Raheem AL.Mufarge


The concept of strategic hedging is a modern concept of economic origin, it has not received sufficient attention at the level of strategic academic studies. However, strategic hedging is considered as one of the most important national security strategies which adopts various conflicting and cooperative mechanisms. Researchers have made some efforts on strategic and security studies to familiarize themselves with the strategic hedging and its perspective, as well as the concept of global security. Strategic hedging has undergone several changes since its emergent. It began with of the traditional definition and it has been enhanced due to development in the field of security studies. Strategic hedging has received greater attention and focus as a result of international conflicting interactions. Such interaction have left clear implications for the concept of security in its different dimensions globally and regionally. As a result the  concept of security has received a significant and comprehensive development across different stages of time.                                                                                  

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