The Future Of The Russian Role In Iranian-Turkish Relations

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Abbas Sulaiman Dawood , Prof. Dr. Nawar Jaleel Hashim


The growth of the components of Russian political, economic and military power in the international political system has led to an increase in the effectiveness of the Russian role in the environment of regional interactions, especially in the regions of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus.aAfter them, the Russians realized two regional powers in those areas, as the Russian leadership succeeded in employing the elements of its strategic power to influence the context of Iranian-Turkish relations in the post-2011 phase. Therefore, the continuation of Russian influence towards both Iran and Turkey, as well as the nature of Russian-Iranian partnerships and the nature of Russian-Turkish interests, and on the other hand, the existence of determinants governing the Russian role towards the two countries, which in turn will reflect on the future of the Russian role in Iranian-Turkish relations in light of three possibilities, including the continuation of the Russian role at the same level it is, in addition to the crystallization of the possibility of the growing Russian role as well.aOn the possibility of a decline in the Russian role in the context of Iranian-Turkish relations.

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