Orientation To The Future Of Postgraduate Students

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Alaa Hadi Khalif , Prof. Dr. Jamela Raheem Abd Waeli


Research Problem: Obtaining a postgraduate certificate represented in a master’s degree and a doctorate is a dream pursued by many ambitious young people who want to reach the highest prestigious positions in society, as it opens a door to success and excellence in work, which increases the individual’s experience and raises the extent of his knowledge of his field of specialization, this later reflects on his future and his work, and postgraduate studies are a practical stage undertaken by the university student after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, if the student aims from this in-depth study in his field of specialization to expand his skills, culture and experience in the field of university studies.

As young people face pressures and rapid changes, they face a state of uncertainty, about which they may feel that the future is not a safe place for psychological housing, and this reflects negatively on their sense of the possibility of achieving their future goals. on their present and their future.

The research problem is determined by the following questions: Do graduate students have a future orientation?

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