Usage Of Digital Technology And The Metacognition Level Among Student-Teachers

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Mrs. M. Devika , Dr. T. Sivasakthi Rajammal


Digital Technology means the use of technological devices for the communication process, etc. Digital Technology is very helpful in the modern teaching and learning process. Nowadays, it is one of the important teaching aids to support the learning process within educational institutions. Metacognition is an important mechanism to increase student learning. It helps to get an immediate response from the students and also to understand their own learning process. Student-teachers are the future educators in educational institutions. So every student-teachers must have the technical knowledge and also know about the student’s level of metacognition. In modern education, teachers must use technological teaching aids in their teaching and learning process for the implementation of quality education. So the present study is very important to discuss the usage of digital technology in teacher education with respect to their metacognition. The research design is of the normative survey method, and the sampling technique used for the study is a stratified random sampling technique. The sample consists of 354 student-teachers (161 male and 193 female) drawn from various government, government-aided and private colleges of education in rural and urban areas of Chennai and the Kancheepuram district. The data collected in the present study were analyzed using a t-test and one- way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). According to the study findings, Female student-teachers have a high level of metacognition and usage of digital technology when compared to Male student-teachers. It is inferred that urban student-teachers have better usage of Digital Technology and the metacognition level than rural student-teachers and there is no significant difference between government, government-aided and private colleges of education in their usage of digital technology and the metacognition level among student-teachers. Digital technology and metacognition skill make the student-teachers teach effectively, innovatively, and interestingly to create the future pillars of our nation.

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