The Effect Of Middle And Lower Trapezius Strengthening On Hand GripStrength In Athletes With Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis

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Dr. M. Raja Srinivas , Dr. J. Hari Kishore Babu


Background: Lateral epicondylitis is a common sports injury of the elbow caused due to altered muscle activation during repetitive wrist extension in athletic and non-athletic endeavors and the purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of lower trapezius , middle trapezius strengthening on pain, pain free grip strength in individuals with lateral epicondylitis.

Methods: 30 patients with lateral epicondylitis were recruited and the subjects were divided into two groups. Group a received scapular muscles strengthening along with conventional physiotherapy and Group B received only conventional physiotherapy for 4weeks and the subjects were measured for pain (NPRS), scapular positioning (LSST) and grip strength using Jamar Dynamometer Pre and Post intervention.

Results: The values showed significant difference in all the three outcome measures but showed highly significant difference in pain level and grip strength(p<0.005) within group A. Also the results showed that there is no significant difference in group B values of LSST test but gave significant difference in values of pain and grip strength (p< 0.005).

Conclusion: The middle and lower trapezius muscle strengthening should be used along with the conventional physiotherapy in athletes with lateral epicondylitis to improve pain, pain free grip strength, muscle strength, scapular position and muscle activity.

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