Implications Of Values And Technological Interventions In Research Methodology: A Critical Analysis

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Reecha Jrall , Dr. Kiran


Research involves methods for finding the truth, which comprises defining problem or selecting a problem, formulating hypotheses, collection of data, making deductions and reaching conclusions and values are utmost importance at every steps of research. Researcher’s interests are shaped by their values at every step of the research process. It is essential to place ethical restrictions on methodologies based on values. It is equally important to respect knowledge itself, so that researchers pursue methods that aim at genuine results rather than predetermined ones. Since the emergence of the internet, research and development using information technology has been an integral part of the globalization era. Online resources have increased researchers' comfort level since the internet and information technology have enabled them to find everything they need. In the backdrop of this researchers critically analyze the values involved in research and how technological intervention in every step of research process helps researchers.

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