3D Space Management In Mixed Dentition

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Dr. Vivek Rana , Dr. Nikhil Srivastava , Dr. Noopur Kaushik , Dr. Shreya Kapoor


Despite the best preventive efforts, premature loss of deciduous teeth remains a common problem in pediatric dentistry, leading to loss of arch circumference, malpositioning and even impaction of permanent tooth. Space maintainers (SMs), is a special appliance used for maintaining spaces created by premature loss of deciduous teeth. Band and loop space maintainers are indicated whenever there is premature molar loss. These two case reports were conducted to summarize the limitations of commonly used conventional band & loop space maintainers and to provide insight into technical advances in the field to overcome them. Digital workflows are not a new concept in dentistry, but they are just beginning to be used in pediatric dentistry. It seems to be suitable for use with children, as it has impressive advantages in terms of accuracy, comfort and time savings. This workflow helps reduce anxiety and improves cooperation and enthusiasm for children's dental appointments by reducing chair time and shortening procedures.

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