Forced Adaptation To A Pedagogy: Changes In Teacher’ Perception Of Online Teaching

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Ms. Noonu Mary Jose , Dr. Geetanjali Purswani


The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures initiated by the authorities to curb the pandemic have affected all spheres of society. Education was one among them which had to move to the new normal right from the beginning. This resulted in the new pedagogy of ‘Online teaching’. Many studies were conducted over these years on the concerns of teachers and students in adapting to this new pedagogy. However there are hardly any studies that reflect the change in teachers’ perception of online teaching after continuous usage. The present study captures the change in teachers’ perception of online teaching among the college teachers in South India through focus group discussions. The findings of the study reveal that there is a substantial change in the perception of teachers in adapting technology for teaching due to the continuous usage and has given way to the development of teachers.

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