Anxiety And Depression As Huge Issues Among Bed Trainees

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Dr. T. Sivasakthi Rajammal


Anxiety refers to the feeling of a human that expresses his fear, dread, and uneasiness. It might cause the human to sweat, tense, feel restless, and have a rapid heartbeat. It also expressed his normal reaction to stress. Depression is a common and serious medical illness that makes humans react negatively toward others. It makes the man persistent feeling of sadness and loss their interest in the profession. It also affects the daily activities of humans. Depression may lead to suicide. B.Ed Trainees were the persons who got the training for a particular period of teaching practice in a school undertaken under the supervision to become a professional teacher. Anxiety and depression create huge issues among bed trainees in the teaching and learning process. Today B.Ed trainees will become tomorrow's teachers in educational institutions. Every teacher should have the ability to control their anxiety and depression for the effective teaching and learning process in the education system. And so the need is felt to study “Anxiety and depression as huge issues among B.Ed trainees”. The Anxiety and Depression Scale was constructed and standardized by the investigator. The participants of the study are 355 B.Ed Trainees from different educational institutions in Chennai and Kancheepuram district. According to the study findings, there is a significant difference in the level of anxiety and depression with respect to their gender and locality. And also it inferred that there is no significant difference between B.Ed Trainees with respect to their Family Income. In this technological world, most teachers affect with anxiety and depression in their regular work because they have many responsibilities in their profession and also in their families. B.Ed Trainees have to become the future teachers of our country and so they need to be aware and avoid the issues of anxiety and depression in their regular life.

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