Job Satisfaction Of Post Graduate Teachers In Relation To Their Work Motivation

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R. Sreeja , Dr. T. Sivasakthi Rajammal


Education is a way to the development of desirable habits, skills, and attitudes that make an individual a good citizen. The term job satisfaction refers to the attitudes and feelings of the working people in their profession. There are positive and negative feelings that happen among working people called job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. The term work motivation refers to the set of energetic forces that happen to an individual from the surrounding people to initiate work-related behaviors and to determine their direction. And so Job satisfaction and work motivation are interrelated to each other. Post-graduate teachers are the teachers who complete their post-graduate degrees in their discipline and handle the subjects in the school education system. In this research study, we were discussing the job satisfaction of post-graduate teachers in relation to their work motivation. In the present study, the normative survey method will be adopted. Random sampling technique to be adopted for this study. The sample consists of 255 postgraduate teachers from various government, government-aided, and private higher secondary schools in Thiruvallur, Chennai, and Kancheepuram districts in Tamil Nadu. The data collected in the present study were analyzed using a measure of central tendency, t-test, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). According to the study findings, there is no significant difference in the Job Satisfaction of Post Graduate Teachers in relation to their Work Motivation with respect to their gender, rural post-graduate teachers have high Job Satisfaction and Work Motivation than Urban post-graduate teachers and there is no significant difference between post-graduate teachers with respect to their teaching experience. Job satisfaction of post-graduate teachers in relation to their work motivation provides dynamic growth in the modern education system.

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