A Conceptual Model On Factors Affecting Private University Students' Intention To Buy Eco-Friendly Items Online

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Shubashini Rathina Velu , Kayalvily Tabianan , Meshictra Sellamuthu


In this global pandemic known as COVID-19, new terms were created such as Work from Home (WFH) and Study from Home (SFH) that requires people to stay at home and minimize outdoor activities including shopping. Large supermarkets were also opening e-commerce system to sustain their profit during this pandemic. People started using online shopping website to purchase necessary items which was very convenient in this current situation. Consumer behavior has changed drastically over the years and one of its core aspects, intention to purchase has always motivated consumers behind the action of purchasing power. This study is done to further analyze the factors contributing to purchase intention from Private University students. The study is done via online survey questions on Google Forms and a sum of 361 students are expected to participate. The gathered data from the online survey will be further studied using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS).

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