An Analytical Study Of Women’s Rights In Islam And CEDAW, 1979 With Special Reference To Pakistani Law

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Sajida Faraz , Dr. Fazli Dayan , Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zia ul Haq , Naila Rafique , Fatima Murad , Dr. Mian Muhammad Sheraz


Notably, women's rights are the powers and privileges to which women are entitled. Women possess all the rights which the opposite gender does possess based on equity and equality under Islam and CEDAW respectively. Legally all women's rights are protected religiously, nationally, and internationally under Islam, Pakistani Law, and CEDAW respectively. Thus, this work aims to throw light on women's rights from the lenses of Islam, Pakistani Law, and CEDAW. Since, women's rights given by the cited codes are studied comparatively here. Resultantly, the study focuses on the fact that CEDAW is more centred on equality regarding women rights while Islam basis on equity.

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