Effectiveness Of Teacher’s Centered Approach On Student’s Learning At University Level

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Dr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed , Dr. Sohaib Sultan , Mamoona Kousar , Hafiz Abdul Basit , Dr. Raham Zaid , Sidra Bano


The current study investigates the Effectiveness of teacher’s centered approach on student’s learning at the university level. The objectives of the investigation were to explore the impact of teacher centered approach on students learning at university level. To investigate the student’s attitude toward teacher’s centered approach, to see the effects of demographic factors of students at the university level. University students of Islamabad were the population and the size of the sample was 120 students. The snowball sampling technique was used by the researcher to collect the data.  Descriptive research was the design of the current investigation. The investigation was quantitative in nature and the researcher has developed questionnaire for the purpose of data collection from the participants of the study. There were 12 close ended items in the developed questionnaire. SPSS was used to analyze the data of the investigation i-e Descriptive Statistics (Frequency, Percentage, Mean) and Inferential statistics (regression) is used. It was concluded that there was a positive impact of teacher centered approach, and the student’s attitude are encouraging of regarding the teacher-centered approach at the university level, it is also considered as an important factor for students during learning at the university level.

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