Factors Influencing Women’s Electoral Participation In District Mardan (Pakistan): An Empirical Analysis Of The Public Perception With Regard To 2018 General Elections

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Farmanullah , Safia Ali , Yunas Khan , Rafia Naz Ali , Raj Muhammad Khan


This research examines the factors impeding female voter participation in Mardan district in relation to the 2018 general election. The study has identified many factors such as conservative Pakhtun culture, economic dependence of women, women's lack of interest in politics, lack of family cooperation, women's family responsibilities, lack of political awareness, lack of education, the Absence of women's CNIC and lack of women's vote registration. The study is quantitative and its scope is limited to Mardan district. The data were collected through a questionnaire in Mardan District from 400 respondents using convenience sampling. Data were analyzed using frequency, percent, and chi-square tests. The data were further elaborated using various independent variables such as area, gender, age and literacy.

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