The Ecosystem Of The Citizenship Education Concept For Building Civic Competence

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Pāvels Jurs , Alīda Samuseviča , Dina Bethere , Maija Ročāne , Santa Striguna


Civic education is one of the preconditions for young people's civic engagement, which in turn contributes to the long-term development of civil society. The skilful and interdisciplinary integration of civic education into the curriculum and school life, as well as professional and pedagogical implementation of it, on the basis of the fundamental values of democracy, helps to promote students' civic engagement and responsibility for themselves, their fellows and the environment at local, national and international level. As a result, civically competent young people shape the future growth and development of society, the state and the nation. The aim of this publication is to highlight the importance of citizenship education and, basing on the theoretical research carried out, to develop a conceptual framework for citizenship education.

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