Sustainability Factors Of Chinese Opera: An Investigation Based On The New Media Environment

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Zhenzhen Li , Roslina Abdul Latif


The dissemination of new media has met the needs of audiences to learn Chinese opera and communicate with actors, breaking the spatial boundaries between artists and ordinary audiences, overturning traditional communication methods and enabling everyone to become a communicator. Audiences can learn to sing, compete and communicate in-depth with Chinese opera artists on new media, with audiences as recipients and participants. Many studies have explored the factors of new media communication. Yet, few have focused on the scope of further media communication and how it can be combined with the sustainable development of traditional culture and art research. This study uses a questionnaire survey of groups aware of Chinese opera to analyse how the dissemination of Chinese opera affects the scope of dissemination. The results show that the fragmented, interactive and like-minded approach to new media communication positively impacts the size of communication and that users' subscriptions have a positive moderating effect. This paper explores the factors of Chinese opera dissemination under new media for investigation, delves into strategies for the sustainable development of Chinese opera art and culture, and offers referential advice for achieving sustainable development of Chinese opera art and culture dissemination.

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