Organizational Key Job Scopes In Demand Planning Of Selected Countries

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Ting Huat Tie , Prof. Dr Oo Yu Hock


Demand planning is a supply chain management planning that enables an organization to forecast the future demand for its products or services to be produced efficiently and delivered effectively to the satisfaction of its customers. And supply planning is the management of the inventory supply to meet the demand forecast targets macro, industry and firm levels during distribution, manufacturing, and procurement operations within the capacity constraints and material availability of the organization.  Therefore, the key performing indices (KPIs) are designed to provide up-to-date market intelligence about activities that are critical to planning, particularly in gauging the mean absolute percentage error results of demand planning.  This study attempts to establish the extent of key job scopes in demand planner and how true the subject matter experts in demand planning function follow the job scopes as defined.  The qualitative design approach, limiting the population to selected countries by choice, employs three categories of data sources: themes synthesizing, semi-structured interview and three ways of LinkedIn profiles review. The triangulated interview findings, confirming the key job scopes practiced by demand planners in the organizations, show the overlapping of demand planner job scopes by a mixture of other roles other than that of the demand planning role. In conclusion, 227 LinkedIn profiles of subject matter experts from 30 countries were found having the demand planning working experience mixed with supply planning or other supply chain functions.                                                                           

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