Presenting Feminism And The Feminist Identity In The Select Works Of Rebecca Walker

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Mr. A. Sebastiraj , Dr. D.Rajakumari


Throughout the history, males have held positions of power in Western society, with women relegated to the home and private spheres. Women in Medieval Europe had no legal protections that would allow them to be business owners, students, or political leaders. While several provinces in the US allowed women's right to vote well before national government did so, it was not until the early 20th century that women were able to vote or occupy political office throughout much of the country or in Europe. Traditionally, women were not authorised to represent themselves in legal or business proceedings without a male partner present. Women who were married were not allowed to make decisions about their own offspring without their spouses' permission. Women were also not permitted to work in most professions and had extremely limited options for education. Such sex discrimination against women persists to this day in various regions of the globe. Novels by Rebecca Walker shed light on these issues and hold strong feminist perspectives, allowing the readers to get a deeper understanding of women and their issues in the male-centric society.

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