Family World In The Proverbs Of The Russian People

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Bakirov Poyon Uralovich


In this article, on the basis of reliable linguistic facts, the etymology of the concept of "family" in the Russian language is determined, its contents are revealed using various explanatory and encyclopedic dictionaries. The basic literature of the scientific works of Russian and foreign scientists, specialists and researchers dealing with the problems of family history, family ties in the Russian ethnic group was studied. From the point of view of historical facts, family types are carefully analyzed. The proverbs of the Russian people devoted to the family and family relations are examined in detail. The meaning and significance of paremias dedicated to the family world of the Russian people are interpreted. A detailed analysis was made of Russian paremias with the components “family”, “home”, “log hut”, “hut”, “table” with the meaning “group of close relatives (husband, wife, parents, children, etc.) living together”.

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