Dynamics Of The Development Of Dutch Colony Education In Simalungun 1907-1945

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Hisarma Saragih


This study discusses the dynamics of education development in the Simalungun community, which at that time was called Afdeeling Simeloengoen en Karolanden 1907-1945 and has now become Simalungun district in the province of North Sumatra. Development is defined as an effort to advance the life of society and its citizens. The progress in question is in various aspects of life and not only in the economic field, but also in the field of education that can create human development. Method used in this research is the historical method with a qualitative approach. The research process begins with a heuristic step, followed by criticism, interpretation and historiography. This study concludes that during the Colonial period in Simalungun the development of education was carried out by the Dutch colonial government, the private sector, Christian zending institutions, which established educational institutions in the form of schools. On the one hand, this educational development has brought progress to the Simalungun people, so that they migrated out of their territory.

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