Psychological And Pedagogical Factors Of Developing Literacy Of Primary Class Students Based On Personal Value Approach

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Dilfuza Shabbazova , Yulduz Abduhalimova , Zaynab Abdunazarova


This article discusses the content of the factors that determine the effectiveness of primary school students' learning activities and the psychological and pedagogical factors of improving the literacy of primary school students based on a personal value approach. Valuable education focuses on an individual's behavior, which determines his or her humanistic orientation and serves as a basis for value assessment. The worldview emerges as the context of the conceptual interpretation of the value relationship of the individual, the behavior as the norm, and the value relationship as the invariant to the system. In this way, the spiritual management of the knowledge of existence and the personal value approach is directed, and the content determines the behavior and attitudes of the individual. Therefore, education can be seen as a process of internalization of socially-organized universal values.

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