The Links Between Food And State Defense In Indonesia: An Input-Output Analysis

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Dina Hidayana , Purnomo Yusgiantoro , I wayan Midhio , Herlina JR Saragih , and Anisa Martiana


Food scarcity is a non-military threat that potentially abrupts the internal state stability. Regional and international dynamics are also accelerating its possibility.  However, issues regarding the food sector and national defense are one of the rarest topics studied by the Indonesian community. As an agrarian country, this topic should be considered urgent to be discussed among scholars and authorized in facing food scarcity. Thus, it is necessary to scrutinize this topic using the economic and state defense framework. This research aims to find the links between the Indonesian food sector with the national defense sector. The quantitative method had been done used the Input-Output Table from the year 2016 was obtained from Indonesia Statistic Bureau (Badan Pusat Statistik). The result shows that there is a link between the food and defense sector, but the value of each sector is not significant. The defense sector has a higher value than the food sector in terms of total forward and backward linkage. The defense sector also has a higher multiplier output value than the food commodities listed in this research.

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