Speech Parts And Adverbial Lexemes Interpretation In Turkic Linguistics

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Dilfuza Saiidyrakhimova , Baktygul Ismailova , Gulbakhor Usarova , Mirgul Kashkarieva , Nuriza Abdimitalip kyzy , Samara Ismailova , Gulgena Rakhimbaeva , Altyn Zhumabaeva , Roza Zhumashova , Miiasar Mirzakhidova , Raziia Kyrgyzbaeva , Zhypargul Abdullaev


This article is investigating speech parts and adverbial lexemes study in Turkic linguistics. Most linguists divide the parts of speech into significant and auxiliary in full accordance with the tradition of Russian linguistics. Official words are defined as having predominantly grammatical functions, characterized by the absence of direct subject correlation, reduced phonetically. Official words classification is also applicable for syntactic criterion. Categorical, grammatical meanings exist based on word lexical meaning, where semantic feature is the leading part. Morphological features present in the English language are not all parts of speech, considering the syntactic function features. Detailed analysis of lexico-semantic properties and morphological peculiarities of adverbs in some separate Turkic languages were described.

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