Entrepreneurial Marketing Perspective: Msmes Recovery During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Alvi Furwanti Alwie , Awliya Afwa , Nia Anggraini , Librina Tria Putri


Studies have endeavored to investigate the impact of disasters on properties, lives, communities, and the environment, yet little is known about the challenges of starting a business during a pandemic and what can be done with social media; including the role of social media and its marketing strategy. This literature review strives to enlighten the recovery of MSMEs during the pandemic using social media and its relationship with entrepreneurial marketing. Entrepreneurs can use innovation as an opportunity to rebuild their business by using new technology trends such as social media. In this article, long-term entrepreneurial marketing through social media such as Facebook or Instagram is scrutinized. The reach, frequency, and speed with which social media communications are evolving provide the potential for entrepreneurial marketing strategies that may leverage the power of community.

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