Food Security in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic: Experiences of Mountain Province Through the Agriculture Lens

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Parline Angyap Tafaleng-Ullalim


This qualitative study examined Mountain Province's experiences, particularly its food security during the Covid-19 Pandemic, determining the challenges faced by Mountain Province farmers as perceived by Municipal Agriculturists; their interventions; and unique strategies which the various Local Government Units employed alleviating the impediments faced by these farmers. Findings revealed that the farmers of Mountain Province suffered loss of income, limited farm inputs, spoilage and oversupply of vegetables, and African Swine Flu. The Mountain Province’s LGUs collaborated with other concerned agencies, responded to these concerns through the various national agricultural programs.The Mountain Province’s LGUs utilized a variety of measures ensuring food supply continuity thus maintaining order. These include Sadanga's Food Security Contingency Plan, Localized KADIWA dubbed Sustainable Sagada, Paracelis' Localized SURE Loan Version, Assistance and Involvement of Women Organizations, and encouragement of youth participation. Lessons from the agricultural responses to the pandemic serve as a foundation for developing appropriate policies to promote resilience and sustainability.

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