Impact Of Collaborative Leadership Style On School Improvement: A Case Of Secondary Education Sector

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Abdul Hafeez , Dr. Naeem Akhtar


Essentially this study is to present the basic understandings community participation and collaboration of different stakeholders like parents, teachers, and school administration who had experience to collaborate and incorporate their expertise collectively in school improvement initiatives.The concept to run schools community based is a collaborative leadership style that is an emerging trend in globe. Community leadership supported schools set their own development programs, address stakeholder interests to participate in school decision process to ensure positive and sustainable change in education sector. Parallel this concept of school administration attract all stakeholders to work collaboratively to enhance the potential to overall performance of the school. The literature of the study provides a rich description of the dynamic interplay of the complex components of the collaborative process of leadership, equally it also provides an effective channel of communication to develop stronger and trans parent relations among the community, parents, teachers and school administration for the expected students’ academic achievements.

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