Identification And Synthesis Of Business Performance Improvement Factors Framework Of ISO Management System Standards Certified Companies

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Prof Dr. Nawar Khan , Ashiq Ali , Dr. Tasweer Hussain Syed , Muhammad Bilal Mirza


This paper aims to conduct a meta-analysis of the literature reporting implementation of ISO management system standards certified companies to identify and synthesize the Business Performance Improvement Factors Framework. Contemporary literature abounds with national and global implementation reports that ISO certification has a positive association with the Financial, Managerial, Social, Cultural and Technical aspects of business performance. Although, a constant demand for ISO certification bears testimony to these findings, yet empirical evidence reported in literature needed to be reviewed and synthesized to get a holistic view in a Framework. The implementation of ISO management system standard certification improves all the major business performance parameters like; efficiency of operations, increasing productivity, quality awareness, greater customer satisfaction, increase company sales and market share, improved company culture, etc. Hence, business growth, profitability, image, and sustainability chances increases. These features directly contribute to the improvement of the national GDP. National performance is linked to the SDG millennium goals set by the UN. These two cascaded performance improvement objectives lead to higher local and global prosperity, social uplift and sustainability. The discussions and conclusions of the current research find inspiring values for non-ISO management system standards-certified companies to harness from its implementation, thus yielding advantages in improving competitiveness both at home and across the borders.

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