Promenade To Enhanced Aesthetics: Gingival Recession Coverage In Combination Of Modified Coronally Advanced Tunnel Technique With T-PRF, A Case Report

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Sameer Ahmed , Surbhi Yadav , Mrinalini agarwal , Mayur Kaushik


A dentist's top priority is aesthetics, and one of the primary interest in aesthetic dentistry is recession coverage. A unique therapy option for a variety of mucogingival abnormalities with variable results is platelet rich fibrin membrane. Due to rising cosmetic demand, treating gingival recession has become a significant therapeutic issue. There have been several surgical procedures designed to achieve consistent cosmetic root coverage. In more detail, the purpose of periodontal regeneration surgery is to complete wound healing and periodontal unit regeneration Recent advancements in dentistry include the preparation and use of  a concentrated solution of the growth factors found in platelets is termed platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). These growth factors contribute to Postulated as promoters of tissue regeneration and wound healing.

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