The Effect Of Customer-Brand Identification On Brand Sacrifice : The Brand Love Mediating: An Applied Study Of Smartphone Brands In Iraq

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Maytham Abed Kareem Al-Afridawi , Hussien Ali Abdul Rasool


The key objective of the current study is to verify the role of customer-brand identification in identification through the mediating role of brand love (brand passion, brand intimacy, brand commitment) for some brands of smartphones, as the sample study consisted of 296 customers, The problem of study was therefore formulated with regard to the relationship between the variables of the study, which established the objectives of the study. The study hypothesis chart crystallized the formulation of the special hypotheses tested in the statistical package to model structural equations in the least squares method (AMOS.V.25) and to analyze what the study tool provided, a set of statistical methods were used: The deterministic factor analysis, the Crnbach Alpha coefficient, the determination coefficient (R2), and the normal distribution of data. The results of the study showed a clear and important perception of the relationship between Customer- brand identification, sacrifice for brand and brand love, and perhaps the most important results of the study are reflected in a positive statistically significant correlation and impact between Customer-brand identification, Sacrifice for brand, brand love, and customer intimacy with their brand means frequent buying and a pride in keeping with it despite other brands. In the light of those findings, the study made a series of recommendations.

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