Interplay Of Students' Academic Emotions And Academic Achievement At Higher Secondary School Level

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Farid Ullah shah, Dr.Gulap Shahzad, Dr. Habib Nawaz, Dr. Khan Sardaraz, Mr. Wali Ullah


This quantitative inferential survey research study was carried out on 312 higher secondary school students, investigating the interplay of Students’ academic emotions (Hopelessness, Boredom, Anxiety, Anger, Relief, Enjoyment, and Pride), and Academic Achievement in district Bannu. Data was collected from the sample through a valid and reliable questionnaire. During the selection of the sample, a cluster random and proportional allocation technique was used; as descriptive statistics, the mean and standard deviation were used. As an inferential statistical test, linear regression and Pearson coefficient correlation were used. The findings of this study revealed that students experience various types of academic emotions while studying and that this has a significant relationship with academic achievement. According to the researcher, schools should provide students with an environment where all academic emotions can be focused on and promoted.

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