Electronic Litigation: Its Components And Guarantees

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Dr. Sami Al-Tayeb Idriss Mohammed


In recent years, the world has witnessed exceptional developments and circumstances that have affected many aspects of life, such as the Corona pandemic, which necessitated social distancing and pushed people worldwide to other choices in their lifestyles. This necessitated taking advantage of the rapid and impressive development of the technologies of the digital revolution, which resulted in the emergence of many applications that positively and significantly affected the various sectors, including the justice sector. This is by introducing the idea of remote litigation, competent litigation, or electronic litigation, which is the product of the information revolution and tremendous technological development, as we find that most international and internal legislations have adopted this system within their legal and judicial system due to its speed of adjudication of cases and reducing the burden on litigants, Improving the quality of judicial work, and achieving justice in all circumstances.

 Study this vital topic; this study came to address the definition of electronic litigation, its idea and its development in different countries, and its most important legal, human and material components, then the legal organization of its procedural stages and its most essential guarantees, especially technical guarantees and guarantees related to the basic principles of litigation and then legal guarantees such as the authenticity of documents and electronic signatures.

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