Ict As A Tool For Capacity Building Of Teachers

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Alka Kapur


This essay focuses on enhancing teachers' capacities while considering ICT as a tool. This mainly focuses on the results of the debate at the Experts' Meeting and the training and professional development of teachers and facilitators in the effective use of ICTs for improved teaching and learning. This chapter, which proposes an action programme of seminars, workshops, expert meetings, conferences, and other activities aimed at developing national capacity in the effective use of ICT in teacher training and professional development in the region, weaves together threads from the previous paper. The UNESCO global viewpoints and the local needs of India were used to weave this report. The research local focus is demonstrated by the use of regionally relevant materials and circumstances, as well as by emphasising community support, particularly parental involvement, and local experts' insights. This article fits in well with UNESCO's overall goal of creating more just and equal societies. UNESCO has made it apparent that education plays a crucial role and that teacher preparation programmes and ICT are important. For a long time, UNESCO has actively promoted the establishment of procedures to make sure that national curriculum is more pertinent and adaptable to changing conditions, and that the advantages of new technology should be accessible to everyone.

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