Strategies And Suggestions For The Development Of Sports Tourism In Pakistan

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Huang Liang , Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal , Dr. Shahzaman Khan


The proportion of sports tourism in the global economy is increasing, and has made prominent contributions to the global economic development. At present, all countries in the world are doing their best to develop this industry that is both environment friendly and has great economic potential. Pakistan being a developing country has the basic conditions to develop sports tourism, but has remained unsuccessful in doing so. To find out the potential reasons why Pakistan is not making the potential growth, the researcher gathered data from 30 participants including employee and managers of sports clubs and tourism companies, managers of government administrative institutions, and research experts. Phenomenological method was used to analyze the data. It was concluded that Pakistan has some major concerns in terms of underdevelopment of available natural and sports resources, negligence in terms of developing cultural foundation for developing sports tourism, less developed hardware facilities, security and infrastructure concerns, lack of professional talent and disregard of government with re

spect to devising economic and sports-tourism friendly policies. This article discusses the sports tourism development methods to explore a suitable route for Pakistan's rapid development of sports tourism, and devise suggestions to promote sports tourism. The development of tourism in Pakistan thus makes an important contribution to the economic growth of the country of Pakistan.

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