Digital Narcissism, Self-Esteem And Self-Objectification Among Snapchat Vs. Facebook Users

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Dr. Rubab Musarrat , Shaheer Ahmed , Farwa Munir , Dr. Sohail Riaz , Dr. Noor Hayat


A quantitative research was conducted to investigate the relationship between digital narcissism, self-esteem and self-objectification in SnapChat vs. Facebook users. It was hypothesized that digital narcissism, perceived self-esteem and self-objectification is significantly higher among SnapChat users than Facebook users. Moreover, it was hypothesis that there is a significant role of the gender in terms of narcissism, self-esteem and self-objectification in SnapChat and Facebook users. Therefore, a stratified sample of 300 participants (150 boys and 150 girls was taken where there were 150 SnapChat users and 150 Facebook users. The age range of participants was 17 to 23 years. Narcissism on Social Media Scale (Akdeniz et al., 2022), Self-esteem Scale (Rozenberg, 1965), Self-Objectification Scale (Dahl, 2014) and a demographic sheet was given to the participants for the data collection purpose. The data was analyzed for descriptive and inferential findings through SPSS version 24 which revealed that SnapChat users had significantly higher scores on digital narcissism scale, low scores on self-esteem scale and significantly higher scores on self-objectification scale. Besides, the results of the study also showed significant gender differences in participants on all the study variables. The results of this study would be very beneficial in future for understanding the negative impacts of media on mental health of the youth.

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