Comparative Clinical And Microbiological Evaluation In Periodontal Flap Surgery With Diode Laser As An Adjunct To Mechanical Debridement Versus Conventional Mechanical Debridement: A Split Mouth Study

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Shreya Mistry , Harsh Mistry , Surabhi Joshi , Chandni Patel , Tanvi Hirani , Santosh Kumar


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the adjunctive effects of the diode laser in open flap debridement as compared with the conventional mechanical debridement evaluated by clinical and microbiological parameters and also limited literatures were available on such studies. Twenty patients with bilateral periodontal pockets in the quadrant of either maxilla or mandible at least 6 teeth in quadrant diagnosed with chronic periodontitis with probing pocket depths ≥ 5mm after phase I therapy. Group-A (Control Group)Open flap Debridement (OFD) were done and Group-B(Test Group) Open flap Debridement (OFD) with Diode Laser were done under local anesthesia. In the present study there were a statistically significant difference in Plaque index, Gingival index, pocket probing depth and relative attachment level at baseline and at 3 months in the control and the test group and also there was a statistically significant reduction in the number of CFUs of anaerobes in the laser-treated group as compared with the control group. Colony-forming units were statistically insignificant at baseline and 3 months as the P-value was 0.06 and 0.7 respectively and statistically significant at 3 months as the p-value was <0.001.Colony-forming units were statistically significant in Group B (Test group) Laser treated group at 3 months as the p-value was <0.001. Therefore, lasers can be used as an adjunctive treatment with open flap debridement as a part of periodontal therapy in the future.

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